The Ultimate Guide to English Tests for Australian Visas

Choosing among IELTS, PTE, OET or TOEFL? One of our most asked questions from students is ‘What English test do I need to take to get an Australian visa?’.

E2 Test Prep has partnered with Bravo Migration to provide a comprehensive guide to help you find out which test is best.

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The Ultimate Guide to English Tests for Australian Visas
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About Bravo Migration

E2 has found that Bravo Migration make immigration and visa applications easy and cost-effective by helping you stay in Australia and by helping employers retain overseas staff.

They offer Assessments to help individuals with finding out if they are eligible for an Australian Visa, be it a Permanent Skilled Visa, a Partner Visa, a Sponsorship Work Visa, Graduate Visa, among others. Bravo Migration also assist Australian employers looking at sponsor or nominate an overseas worker.
If you qualify they offer an Application Service in different levels, to do the whole application for you or to show you how to do it. Bravo also assist International Students with finding the best courses for their academic and migration objectives, as well as obtain their Student Visas. Let Bravo Migration be part of your journey and change your life!
Guide to English Tests for Australian Visas