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đź’“Share your love of learning & get rewarded for it.

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What our students are saying...

Estelle is saying

I am very glad I didn´t hesitate to pay for a package and a mock test. The package gave me access to so many resources, I didn´t even have the time to read and practice everything. I really enjoyed listening to the teachers in the videos, the way they explain everything and give so many tips were really helpful.

The mock test is a MUST. I can honestly say that without it, I would have failed. The feedback from the tutors is so valuable.

Both Sasha for the speaking part and Martha for the writing tasks told me exactly what my strengths were and where I could easily improve. I am so grateful to them both.

Jacob is saying

E2 helped me get the exact score I wanted! I managed to achieve 90 overall with my lowest score being 88 in writing and the rest being 90. This would not have been possible without Jay and the team, the resources provided are second to none and accurately reflect the difficulty on test day.

The mini mock test was invaluable and the feedback helped me adjust my learning in the final week. I only had the express + package but it was worth every penny!

Meng is saying

I got my second OET exam result and am delighted with the achievement of B level for all 4 sections. You helped me a lot during this journey. I plan to go to Australia soon, and can’t thank you enough for the support.

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