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Are you getting ready to take your IELTS test? ​​

Test your knowledge and practise with our latest Speaking mock test simulation video.
E2’s expert teacher and past IELTS examiner, Mark, will guide you through the IELTS Speaking test.
You will learn:
  • Speaking overview & what you’re examined on
  • Tips for test day & how to calm your nerves 
  • How to answer questions on exam day
  • Understand the correct answers
Watch the video today & get ready to take your IELTS General or Academic exam!

IELTS Speaking Intensive Package

Focus on & perfect your Speaking skills with E2.

Improve your Speaking score sooner with our Speaking Intensive package. You'll receive feedback from a teacher on the speaking assessments, get access to live classes and 100s of practice questions to take at your own pace.

   Plus, meet with your teacher twice to discuss your progress.
   If you’re keen to focus and improve your Speaking skills, you’ll enjoy the Speaking       Intensive package.

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"I believe this is one of the best moments in my life. After failing 7 times and finally getting the score after your tutorial. I couldn't thank you enough for your efforts, dedication and believing in me. Ever since I joined E2, you guided me so well. Because of that I was able to get my desired score. Which I couldn't even think in my dreams."
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