LTE Bundle

LanguageCert Test of English

A set of internationally recognised English language qualifications mapped to the CEFR, assessing Listening, Reading and Writing skills.

These exams are intended for non-native English speakers worldwide, who need to provide documented evidence of their English language level for general, academic or specific work related purposes.

Ideal for those looking to advance their career prospects, measure their progress and to meet entry and graduation requirements.

Self-Study Course

This bundle comprises an online, self-study General English training course coupled with LTE. The English course covers Listening & Reading skills from beginners to advanced levels (A1-C1), as well as language support for grammar, spelling and pronunciation. Candidates will be able to self-select into their appropriate proficiency level and once they have completed the English course to their desired level, register to take the LTE (Reading & Listening, A1-C2).


The General English course has been planned and designed in line with current e-learning best practices and the latest teaching and learning methods that are grounded in neuroscientific research. For example, it balances modularisation based on new ‘chunked’ distribution trends in e-learning with a robust structure. It also fits with the new approach of ‘hot learning’. The course has been designed to be adaptive learning compatible and the levels are strongly aligned with CEFR levels.

Study Hours

Starter (A1)

4 modules x 8 lessons

32 lessons x 1 hour each = 32 hours

6 practice activities per lesson x 1/2 hour for all = 16 hours

Total: 48 hours

Elementary (A2)

5 modules x 4 lessons

20 lessons x 1.5 hour2 each = 30 hours

+ assessments (1/2 hour + 2 x 1/2 hour) x 5 = 7.5

Total: 37.5 hours

Intermediate (B1)

5 modules x 6 lessons

30 lessons x 1.5 hours each = 45 hours

+ assessments (1/2 hour + 3 x 1/2 hour) x 5 = 10

Total: 55 hours

Upper Intermediate (B2)

4 modules x 8 lessons

32 lessons x 1 hour each = 32 hours

6 practice activities per lesson x 1/2 hour for all = 16 hours

Total: 48 hours

Advanced (C1)

18 lessons x 2 hours each = 36 hours 

+ assessments (2 hours)

Total: 38 hours


18 lessons x 15 mins = 4.5 hours

Essential Grammar

28 lessons x 1.5 hours = 42 hours

Essential Pronunciation

44 lessons x 1 hour = 44 hours

Advanced Pronunciation

16 lessons x 1 hour = 16 hours

Total: 106.5 hours

LTE Test Prep

2 x Mock Tests for LTE A1-B1 = 2 hours 20 mins

2 x Mock Tests for LTE A1-C2 = 4 hours

Practice Exercises: 8.5 hours

Total: 14 hours 50 mins


We have identified a  strong need amongst our Business and IT candidates for English language training and testing that will help boost their confidence in the workplace, as well as provide evidence of English language proficiency to assist with career progression. Additionally, several training centres have expressed interest in extending their product portfolios to include English language training and we are keen   to support this. To this end, we are collaborating with E2 (a world leading online English provider) to develop a LanguageCert Test of English (LTE) ‘bundle’.

Offering this product can additionally benefit your teachers and trainers that provide courses in English to non-native speakers. Candidates who complete this LTE Bundle prior to their professional course should have an improved level of English.