IELTS 20 x Topic Toolkit

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This practice book contains 20 conversation topics and sample answers to help you get a high score in IELTS writing and speaking.


This comprehensive practice book contains 20 topics that you can use to brainstorm and practise your speaking and writing skills.

✔️ animals ✔️ art ✔️ communication ✔️crime ✔️ culture and society ✔️education ✔️ entertainment ✔️ environment ✔️ family ✔️ food and farming ✔️ global issues ✔️ health ✔️ media ✔️money ✔️ science and technology ✔️space ✔️sport ✔️ transport ✔️ travel and work.

You will find this book both challenging and enjoyable, and it will certainly help you achieve your learning goals.

103 pages. PDF. Printable.


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