Answer and Explanation

Question 1: The doctor’s handwriting made it hard for patients to fill their prescriptions.
A) firm B) painful C) difficult D) brutal
Answer: C) difficult
Explanation: All of the other options are synonyms of “hard” in different ways but “difficult” is the only one that fits the context of something being done with a lot of effort.

Question 2: After a stressful day at work, Jasmine went for a long walk around her neighbourhood.
A) excursion B) hike C) stroll D) tour
Answer: C) stroll
Explanation: “Walk” refers to the act of travelling on foot. “Stroll” is the most appropriate synonym for the context of this sentence, especially because it is happening after a “stressful day”.

Question 3: The film’s plot was so complicated that it kept the audience guessing until the very end.
A)viewers B) gathering C) assembly D) clientele
Answer: A) viewers
Explanation: “Viewers” fits best because the “audience” in this sentence refers to people watching a movie which provides important context about the word choice needed.

Question 4: The students were eager to commence their summer vacation.
A) launch B) begin C) initiate D) open
Answer: B) begin
Explanation: “Commence” means to start, so “begin” is the most suitable synonym. The other synonyms sound awkward in this particular context.

Question 5: The detective tried to uncover the truth behind the mysterious disappearance.
A) crack B) discover C) display D) share
Answer: B) discover
Explanation: “Uncover” means to find out something that has been kept hidden, so “discover” is the correct synonym that is closest in meaning to uncovering a truth or mystery.

Question 6: After years of training, the athlete’s incredible speed allowed him to finally defeat his competitors.
A) beat B) surpass C) upset D) crush
Answer: A) beat
Explanation: “Beat”’ is the most accurate meaning for “defeat” whereas the other options are not close enough definitions.

Question 7: The author was known for writing captivating poems about nature.
A) noting B) composing C) scribbling D) communicating
Answer: B) composing
Explanation: “Writing” in this context means to create poems so “composing” fits best with this sentence.

Question 8: On our road trip, we drove through many deserted towns.
A) bare B) rejected C) lonely D) abandoned
Answer: D) abandoned
Explanation: “Deserted” in this context refers to the towns being empty of people so “abandoned” is the most appropriate choice.

Question 9: The manager praised the employee for completing the project ahead of schedule.
A) cheered B) commended C) worshiped D) saluted
Answer: B) commended
Explanation: “Praised” means expressing approval, so “commended” is the most appropriate synonym, given the context of professional work.

Question 10: The professor gave an interesting lecture on the latest research in education.
A) scolding B) presentation C) pitch D) instruction
Answer: B) presentation
Explanation: “Lecture” in this context refers to an educational talk given to students so “presentation” fits best here.