Amazing Value

At $65USD, the TEAM TOEFL Package includes:


6 months' access


  • 4-Week Study Plan

    Intensive plan, by our expert teachers

  • Unlimited Live Classes

    Four classes a week

  • Mini Mock Test


    - Writing Feedback

    - Speaking Feedback

  • 2 x Expert Writing Assessments

    - 1 x Independent Writing

    - 1 x Integrated Writing

  • Practice Questions

  • Overview Lessons

  • Method Lessons

  • Live Class Recordings

Please Note:

Unfortunately, discounts and E2 Rewards cannot be used towards the purchase of this package. It is a special offer and is priced at $65USD for a limited time. TEAM TOEFL package is a stand-alone package and cannot be upgraded to or switched to from another package as this is a special offer.