A Complete Beginner's Guide
to TOEFL Course

Join us as we walk you through everything you need to know to start your free TOEFL course. Perfect for beginners, this guide covers all the essentials to get you prepared and confident.

Your free TOEFL course includes

  • 14-day access

    Your free account is valid for 14 days and you can login anytime.

  • TOEFL Practice Materials

    Sample TOEFL questions, vocabulary for video lessons, plus methods, tips and strategies, sample essay answers, and TOEFL Speaking task samples.

  • TOEFL Live Classes

    Join our TOEFL live classes taught by our expert teachers. Try a free sample live class and get tips & strategies for all TOEFL topic types, so you can practise and improve your skills with our sample questions and tests

  • Graded Assessments

    Submit your writing and speaking answer and our teacher will give you a full report on how you go. You will receive feedback on to improve.

Note: This guide is suggested by our expert but doesn't need to be followed in a specific order. Feel free to start with any activity that suits you best.