Learn faster with One-on-one Tutorial Bundles

Taking one-on-one tutorials with an E2 Expert is the most effective way to increase your test score. It is one of our most valuable resources and is now available at a special price when you buy a bundle.

These are intensive sessions designed to address your individual needs. When you book a tutorial, you can choose which topic to focus on. You set the agenda.

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Your Personal E2 Experts

Our E2 Experts are located in 7 different countries around the world to accommodate your time zone. Our teachers are all highly qualified with a Masters in TESOL or Linguistics, or a CELTA/DELTA in English teaching.

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*Important notice:

When you book your first tutorial, you will be allocated a tutor by the system. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose specific tutors for your first tutorial. However, you will have the option to request the same tutor for any additional tutorials after your first consultation.

Buy a bundle and book a session

The sessions are 45 minutes, so we can cover a lot of ground in that time. You can either focus on one skill, for example, writing, or you can split the session between 2 skills – your choice entirely!

Save $18 when you buy 2 Tutorials

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Save $22 when you buy 3 Tutorials

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Plus, you’ll gain access to some of our E2 study resources to ensure you’re ready and can make the most of your tutorials.

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Why do I need a tutorial?
Tutorials are 45-minute private lessons between you and one of our highly qualified teachers. They are designed to give you the personal attention you need to achieve your target score. You can choose the topic/skill you want to focus on for each tutorial, and you can discuss any Writing/Speaking assessments that you’ve submitted! Your tutor will provide you with tips, strategies and guided practice to meet your needs. Read more here.
I have a free account, how do I purchase the bundle?
You can purchase right on this page. Simply choose the bundle you like and choose the test type that is in your account. Click the purchase button and you will be taken to a sign in page. Once you sign in, you will be redirect to a check out page.
I have a paid package already, can I upgrade to this bundle?
You can purchase our tutorial bundles as an add-on to a free or paid account, and you will still get the discount when buying over 2x tutorials.
I have a paid package already, how do I purchase the bundle?
Log in to your E2 account, and click E2+ EXTRAS on the homepage (see screenshots below). Find the bundle you wish you purchase and click BUY NOW.